Hermey The Clown/Santa ClausHermey The Clown/Santa Claus


Hermey was born in Feb. of '88 in Fargo, ND. After fumbling around and not knowing whether he was on foot or horseback, discovered Clown Camp at the U. of Wis.-La Crosse by accident and got some professional training in 1989. Went back in '90, '92-'96, for additional training and refurbishing. '91 was spent w/spouse at a World Clown Convention in Bognor Regis, England. Have continued to attend conferences and workshops related to clowning and performing in Twin City metro area for the last l0 years for additional training.

First paid gig was at St. Michael's April Fest in Prior Lake, MN in '89.  After that came b-day parties, retirement parties, grand openings, family reunions, singing telegrams, customer appreciation days, wedding receptions, school shows, library shows, city celebrations, more church festivals, VBS programs, Sunday school programs, day care centers, nursing homes, hospitals, overnight high school senior graduation parties, company picnics, family restaurants, church camps and any type of event that needed family entertainment.

Clients have included Dayton's, Target, Cub Foods, YMCA, Nordstrom, Mall of America, Children's World, Montessori's, Kinder care, Tutor Time, Perkins Family Restaurants, Hardee's, cities of Prior Lake, Burnsville, New Prague, Belle Plaine, Jordan, and Faribault. Most every church denomination in the metro area.

Santa became a close personal friend of Hermey's in '96 he stays with him for most of December. Santa plays a little guitar and poses for pictures and schmoozes with all ages and helps hand out gifts when appropriate.

Note from Hermey and Santa:
Thank you again for your time and interest.
                            Hermey & Santa