Hermey The Clown/Santa ClausHermey The Clown/Santa Claus




Santa became a close personal friend of Hermey and Scruffie back in the late ‘90’s, and has really enjoyed his visits to America’s Midwest. He stays with the Martell’s in the picturesque farm country of southern Scott County where it is convenient to park his sleigh, and the reindeer have an opportunity to “bond” with the neighbor’s livestock....mostly cows and horses. 

Hermey taught Santa to play a bit of guitar, (mostly holiday songs), and to perform some holiday magic.  Holiday sing-a-longs with the children accompanying Santa on jingle bells and instruments have become a favorite family time.  However, balloon twisting is a skill that Hermey and Scruffie are keeping for their own performances.

Santa prefers the relaxed look and feel of long sleeved shirts in multiple holiday designs, and a fuzzy red vest to accompany his traditional red pants.  Sometimes, when he is working outside with the reindeer, he wears casual red bib overalls.  These outfits are much cooler, and allow Santa much more flexibility in performing his multitude of tasks. He does have a white fur trimmed red cape for those cold Minnesota spells. 

We encourage you to invite a real bearded Santa that happens to play guitar to your next holiday event.  Thanks for visiting this site.  Happy Holidays!




Hermey taught him most everything he knows as we want "Scruffie" to be able to handle Hermey's clients in the same professional manner that Hermey would. So "Scruffie" can juggle, play guitar (he borrows Hermey's), twist balloons (he has his own menu) spin plates and do magic.
Since Hermey and Scruffie are related, you'll note some similarities as well as some differences...most folks notice the difference in dress...very different and Hermey has a dark beard (with a touch of grey) and Scruffie's is quite grey or white (must be the Arkansas sun!)
Hermey usually leaves town as soon as Scruffie arrives, so you'll rarely see them together. Not that they don't get along (they are best of friends too!) Ms. Vicky just feels that one clown in the household is quite adequate, especially with Santa visiting and everything.
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